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Medicine Counter Pharmacy store USA

Ivermectin & FLCCC recommended Supplements

Order IVERMECTIN oral capsules and FLCCC-recommended supplements for as low as $35 for a treatment. No prescription is needed based on collaborative practice agreement.

Custom Prescription Compounding

Medicine Counter Pharmacy offers prescription compounding at an affordable cost than competitors. We customize Bio-identical hormone replacement, veterinarian/Pet Medicine, Dermatology, Pain management, GI, and other specialties.

Traditional Prescriptions

Medicine Counter is a full service community Pharmacy, providing all traditional prescriptions at affordable prices. We accept all major insurances such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Ambetter, Aetna, Cigna, AARP, Tenncare, and most Medicare PartD plans.

Compounded Sublingual Semaglutide

The same active ingredient as Ozempic® & Wegovy®

Our compounded Semaglutide for sublingual (under the tongue) administration is a option that allow our patients to take GLP-1 medication without the need for injections.

Buy Semaglutide - Medicine Counter

Why choose Sublingual Semaglutide?

  • Convenience: No needles, just a simple Sublingual Suspension

  • Steady Release: Consistent delivery for better adherence.

  • Improved Tolerance: Easier for those with needle phobia

Book a Telehealth Visit

Begin your weight loss transformation with Semaglutide at just $299 for 1-2 months, covering Telehealth visit, Prescription, Medication, and free shipping.

Buy Semaglutide Sublingual - Medicine Counter

Request a Prescription

Starting at just $140/Month, Get your Semaglutide & prescription request form on our website. Just enter your basic information, and you're on your way to obtaining your prescription from your own doctor.

What We Offer

91% Off Prescriptions

We're committed to maximizing savings on prescriptions for our patients. With prices that beat major competitors, including GoodRx, and our efforts to secure manufacturer co-pay savings cards for brand name prescriptions, we help you save thousands annually.

Savings Program

We apply a prescription discount card to every filled prescription, regardless of insurance status. Our patients enjoy savings of up to 91% off the list price, with an average yearly savings exceeding $400 per month.

Free Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of free delivery with USPS on most prescription items. Contact the pharmacy to switch your prescriptions and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Custom Compounding

Affordable custom compounding services tailored to your unique needs covering Pain management, Dermatology, Bio-identical Hormone replacement Therapy, Ivermectin, Covid-19, Weight Loss, Veterinary, and Specialty needs in various dosage form such as capsule, troche, cream, gel, ointment, suppository, solution and suspensions.

Tailored Insurance Recommendation

Medicine Counter recommends the best insurance based on patients preference and eligibility to alleviate stress and save you money. We're preferred and accept all major insurance plans, including TenCare, CoverRx, CoverKids, all commercia and Medicare Part D insurance plans.

Collaborative Care

Addressing the issue of communication barriers in the health care industry, Our pharmacy staff stays in constant contact with your doctor's office to provide the optimal care possible. We will make sure that your refill requests and prior authorizations are approved on time, so you get your medicines without any wait.

Your Local Family Pharmacy, where everyone smiles and cares

Local Family Pharmacy store USA
Local Family Pharmacy store USA
We pride ourselves on delivering more than just prescriptions – We deliver care, compassion, and a commitment to excellence.

As a family-owned establishment, our mission is clear: to provide you with the lowest prices and unparalleled service that exceeds your expectations.

Step into our pharmacy and experience the difference. With us, waiting is a thing of the past – your time is precious, so we guarantee a wait time of 10 minutes or less. Our dedication to efficiency ensures that you can get back to your day without delay.

But our promise doesn’t end there. We’re proud to be a preferred pharmacy on all major prescription insurance plans, which means not only lower co-pays for you but also personalized attention from our dedicated pharmacists. When you choose Medicine Counter, you’re not just a customer – you’re a cherished member of our family.

Same Medicine, Way Better Prices

Price Compared for 7 Tablets of Tadalafil 20mg
Prescriptions are filled in minutes, Not Hours!
No more long waits at Drive through lanes! enjoy 4 convenient curbside parking spots

Why Pay More?

Community Pharmacies help you save money!

Prescription drug prices have skyrocketed over past couple decades. We try our best to save the most on prescriptions for our patients.


How we help you save

  • By recommending the best insurance based on patients preference and eligibility

  • prescription discount card to every filled prescription

  • free delivery with USPS on most prescription items

  • securing manufacturer co-pay savings cards for brand name prescriptions

Meet the Pharmacy

We Strive To Serve you Better, Every Time

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission at Medicine Counter is to provide accessible, affordable, and personalized healthcare services to our community. We strive to foster a welcoming environment where every individual feels valued and empowered to prioritize their health. Our vision is to become the trusted healthcare partner of choice, delivering exceptional care and promoting overall wellness for a healthier, happier community.

Professional Staff

Our commitment to excellence extends to our professional staff at Medicine Counter. With a dedication to expertise and compassion, our team ensures that every patient receives personalized care and support. We strive to foster a collaborative environment where our staff can continually grow and enhance their skills, ultimately providing the highest quality of service to our community.


Years of Experience

Medicine Counter Store USA
Medicine Counter Store USA

Comprehensive Compounding Services

Discover our extensive compounding services tailored to your unique medication needs. From customized formulations to personalized dosages, we provide comprehensive solutions for your health and wellness.


Professional Staff


Kinds Of Medicine


Prescriptions Filled



Fight Covid-19: Ivermectin and FLCCC-Recommended Supplements

We are offer high-quality Ivermectin in various strengths to compounding tailored formulations, we strive to meet the unique needs of every individual. Also find other FLCCC recommended supplements.


Lisa Jordan
Lisa Jordan
26 February 2024
The people here are wonderful. Very helpful. They go above and beyond to assist you with your prescription needs.
Amanda B
Amanda B
22 January 2024
Y'all really need to get a portal like Walgreens and other pharmacy where patients can login and check on the status of their medication it would make it so much easier and we can see if our medicine is ready. Do you know how how it will be before the phone app is ready plz let me know thanks so much
Kim Burchard
Kim Burchard
19 December 2023
Medicine Counter is the best pharmacy to go to. They treat me like family.
Erin Jebsen
Erin Jebsen
7 November 2023
Moral of the story: I didn’t think I’d ever “love” a pharmacy, but man do I love this pharmacy. I had to reach out to local pharmacies when one of my medications suddenly became scarce, and I’m so happy I found them. I’ll never go anywhere else for my prescriptions. Everyone that works here is incredibly friendly and the pharmacist is the most knowledgeable, communicative, and informative pharmacist I’ve ever met. He goes above and beyond to make sure I understand my medications and am kept informed on any issues/changes. He quickly addresses any requests that pharmacies in the past have said are too inconvenient or plain “not possible”. When my aforementioned medication was unavailable, he happily discussed alternatives that act similarly and how they work (which was insanely helpful since my prescriber is very uninformative). I’ve never been helped so much by a pharmacy as far as information and prescription management. Not to mention that I’ve never been on hold for more than a minute when calling them, if that, and never wait in the building for more than a few minutes on the rare occasion there a wait at all. If you’re reading this, use this pharmacy!
25 October 2023
Medicine counter has the Fantastic team. I was able to get my hydrocodone 10mg tab filled and transferred all my prescriptions filled to this local family Pharamcy. They accept most insurances and have great customer service. My family member was able to get their compounded medicine filled at a lower price than the competition. Overall the best Pharamcy experience.
Fozzie Brown
Fozzie Brown
18 September 2023
Thanks as always for being a friendly part of our community. Chad Howard
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore
10 August 2023
This is the best pharmacy in the area by far. They actually care about their customers and help with suggestions and knowledge that doctors don't usually have the time to get Into on a personal level. I've never felt like any pharmacy genuinely cared about my health until I came to Medicine Counter. Big shout out to the Patels. Yall are the best
Heather Frizzell
Heather Frizzell
13 July 2023
I am a new customer to this pharmacy. I was extremely impressed. The staff is extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, super friendly, and patient. I won’t go back to a chain pharmacy again. If you’re searching for a local pharmacy, look no further.
Nimesh Patel
Nimesh Patel
27 April 2023
Great customer service and free medicine delivery
patel bhavin
patel bhavin
27 April 2023
Good service and best knowledgable pharmacist

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